This founding NFT collection by Cole Buxton is made up of over 100 completely unique hand-drawn pieces, created from the original concepts and designs of co-founder and lead fashion designer, Cole Buxton. The collection offers a coveted overview of the brand, and a chance to reminisce on our journey. From the earliest seasons to showcasing our most recent styles, these pieces proudly chart our progress through the years.

Each NFT will be given away for free to the brands most loyal and dedicated customers. Furthermore, any royalties / profits obtained by Cole Buxton from resale will be sent directly to the soon-to-be launched Cole Buxton Charity Foundation, which will focus on supporting and giving back to communities and causes closest to our heart.

Original owners will receive a physical print of their Cole Buxton NFT, which will include instructions on how to claim the digital piece. From there, holders can decide if they wish to keep and treasure the piece, and reap the future rewards, or trade/sell it to another customer who may have missed out on Collection #1’s original drop.

Overtime, the collection will hold internal value to the brand (utility), and evolve into future projects and physical products that are already in development. One example of this, is in how we are looking to produce an item of clothing that will be available exclusively for holders of specific NFT’s; an exciting time for both collectors of such digital relics and followers of the brand!


  • 1.

    Customers (& VIP’s) are selected for the Cole Buxton NFT Collection 1.

  • 2.

    Recipients will be posted a physical print with claiming instructions.

  • 3.

    NFT’s can be claimed for free via the website form @ www.colebuxton.com/nft. Recipients have 14 days to claim their NFT.

  • 4.

    Further NFT’s will be sent out with selected orders leading up to Christmas.

  • 5.

    All royalties / profits from re-sales will go to the Cole Buxton Charity Foundation with upcoming updates on the development of this project.

  • 6.

    Exclusive rewards for NFT holders

  • 7.

    Further uses and utility of NFT’s to be announced.

View the full collection on OpenSea: Click Here


Exclusive Clothing

Exclusive clothing items for NFT holders based on their unique NFT’s properties.

Exclusive Events

NFT holders will have access to exclusive brand & foundation events.

Future Releases

NFT holders will have selected access to upcoming NFT / digital projects.


For more detailed instructions on how to claim your NFT click here.


What is an NFT

NFT’s or “non fungible tokens” are unique 1/1, digital assets that are secured on a blockchain (i.e Ethereum). Often take the form of an image, video or song, where the holder has full blockchain-proven ownership of the asset.

NFT’s have created a new medium for artists and collectors to share their art.

How do I claim my NFT?

We’ve created our first ever collection of NFT’s which are a compilation of different Cole Buxton looks over the past years, each with a 1/1 unique style and rarity. The NFT’s provide a way for us to reward our most loyal and dedicated customers by providing ongoing value to holders (utility). This project will also be the starting point for the Cole Buxton Foundation.

What is the Cole Buxton Foundation?

The Cole Buxton Foundation is an upcoming charitable project that looks at using funds from within the business to support the communities & projects closest to the brand’s heart. Profits from primary and secondary NFTs sales will be allocated to the foundation. We will be providing some exciting information in the coming months on progression and how this community lead initiative will look to provide long term value.

The royalty on secondary sales is set to 7.5%. OpenSea also charges a 2.5% trading fee. approximately 10% will be deducted from any secondary sales.

How did customers qualify for a free Cole Buxton NFT airdrop?

How did customers qualify for a free Cole Buxton NFT airdrop?

Those who weren’t lucky enough to initially receive an NFT may have further opportunities such as with selected orders for the upcoming Black Friday event.

How do I claim my Cole Buxton NFT?

You must receive your physical NFT print via post to be eligible.

If you are unsure on how to complete this process, use the linked PDF report and follow the instructions carefully. *Link How to claim CB NFT .pdf*

Cole Buxton will NEVER ask for your secret phrase or password to access your MetaMask. We only require your ethereum account address to transfer the NFT.

How does the utility of the Cole Buxton NFT work?

Cole Buxton NFT holders will be eligible for future rewards such as exclusive clothing and access to special events. More information regarding utilities will be announced in the future. We will validate ownership at the point of each reward.

How do I view my redeemed Cole Buxton NFT?

To view your redeemed Cole Buxton NFT, go to the OpenSea website and click on the profile button (top right), then click on connect your MetaMask account. Once this is connected, click on your OpenSea wallet top right and you will be able to see all of your owned NFTs. Please allow up to 7 days for us to manually send you your CB NFT.

Why have we used the Ethereum Blockchain?

Nearly all of the most popular NFT projects in the world use the Ethereum network. It’s suitability for smart contracts and utility provide great value for users. Although there are high (Gas) fees associated with Ethereum, the long term roadmap looks to solidify and better its position as the largest NFT blockchain and overtime reduce fees.

What happens if I’ve got more questions?

Please don’t hesitate to email NFT@colebuxton.com with any questions you may have.

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